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Through this website, I hope to encourage others to explore the fascinating

world of Robert the Bruce and his family.


As a novelist, I love to speculate on the driving force behind a character’s

actions, to imagine the joys and sorrows, the gnawing fear and towering

aspirations. I’m not an historian, but many facts about Robert the Bruce are

well-known and therefore open to discussion and polarizing debate. I believe

his actions are best measured, not against our values and beliefs, but within

the rich context of the time.


I don’t presume to be an expert on the Bruce family. However, I have studied

them for many years, purely out of interest, read widely on relevant topics and visited places that are, in my mind, connected with them. This research underpins my writing.





Author of Sisters of The Bruce, available through Matador Publishers, an impress of Troubador Publishers, UK.


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Jeanette Harvey

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